Graveyard Survey - The Surveys
The Upper Graveyard (Churchyard) This survey was carried out by different groups of people over several years, and for different purposes. Therefore some entries will be fuller than others. The detail is largely in its original note form. The starting point for the survey was the research needed for Uppingham in 1851 published by ULHSG in 2001 and consequently many of the notes refer to the 1851 census. NB there is a small Garden of Rest on the south side of the church containing 20th century floor tablets commemorating cremations. These have not been recorded. Similarly, funerary monuments and graves within the church will be added at a later date. How to use the Upper Graveyard database 1. Go first to the Upper Churchyard Index and search for the surname required. 2. In the far right column you will find an area number, possibly a sub area number and a grave number. 3. Go then to the Details of Upper Graveyard and find the area, then the grave which will give you any additional details known. Abbreviations used in Upper Graveyard details, most are self explanatory e.g. Jan, Feb, Mar, use of
brackets, question marks etc. 1851 usually refers to detail from 1851 census n.b. entered in 1841 census as ‘not born this county’ SV refers to a stone(s) in the Lower Graveyard South View area freebmd the freebmd website b.m.d. baptism or birth, marriage, death. Unless noted otherwise, all recorded deaths are known or assumed to have been in Uppingham IGI International Genealogical Index qtr, dist quarter and district, terms used in the General Registers of Birth, Marriage and Death If you are visiting the churchyard the Upper Graveyard Plan is an approximate finding guide. The areas equate to those in the index and in the details but it has not been possible to site graves more exactly than this. The numerical order within plots may be of help but it is largely a question of searching within the areas. +++++++ The Lower Graveyard The data here consists of one list. Any details known are recorded with the name. There is no plan available for this graveyard, but generally, older graves are at the top (South View end) and more recent burials at the bottom. +++++++ The Upper and Lower Lawn Cemeteries This consists of two plans with numbered plots and names and is self explanatory. +++++++ The Leicester Road Cemetery This consists of a plan with numbered plots and is self explanatory. This is an open cemetery and the plan is correct at 2013.
Uppingham Local History Study Group